It all started way back when…

It’s taken me several years to get to this point. Like so many other people out there, I take on projects; some get finished, others don’t.

I have one project that has carried on in the background, biding it’s time, waiting for my undivided attention.

I’m happy to say, that time has come, although it’s not in the form I had first intended.

I had done your usual Aussie V8, which took the form of a Kingswood ute.



I had also done the Japanese boy racer and high performance rally car, in both a Celica, and a Celica GT-Four.


I then had the blip on the radar for a modified, supercharged and intercooled V6 Commodore.

It’s all a hell of a lot of fun, until you have to pull out your bank card to pay for your fuel. Ouch.


Having become bored with the all my other past projects, it was time for something new.


I wouldn’t call myself an environmentalist, but maybe as I’m getting older and wiser (*cough*) I’m softening as well.

I first started converting a car to electric when I was in university (don’t ask). A friend of mine suggested the idea after hearing about the other cars I had played with. Why a university student thought it was a good idea to have a project car is beyond me, but hey.



Long story short, I came across a ’88 model Mazda 121 Funtop. Possibly one of the ugliest cars of the 80’s but it had a charm of it’s own.


Fast forward to now, the project had a few parts purchased for it over the years, but, unfortunately the vehicle was damaged in a storm. Whist not irreparable, the costs involved are probably not worth the effort.





I’ve purchased a new model 121. It looks much nicer, and it came at an excellent price. More importantly, the parts that have been manufactured for the original 121 can be transferred over.


And this is where the project begins…






Interested? Follow the project!


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